12 Feb

Project: A Valentines Robot

Costs: less than $1.00 per robot

Supplies: Juice box, starburst, small nerds box or starburst box, covered heart candy, goggly eyes, pipe cleaner, glue gun, inspired kids.

Inspiration: My kids extreme need to be crafty.


This was such a fun project for the midgets, 7 & 11. I did purchase a low heat glue gun (2.99 at Hobby Lobby) so my kids did not hurt themselves. A bag of 100 pipe cleaners (2.99 at Hobby Lobby), and 200 goggly eyes (2.99 at Hobby Lobby). The remaining items were purchased from Target.

The most difficult part of the project was twisting the pipe cleaner ends into little heart hands. The kids struggled with this part, so I used my huge man hands to delicately twist the ends together. I simple made a triangle and poked the middle down.







We were going to add Starbursts feet to the Robots, but the box bottoms were crazy and the robot would fall over. So we aborted that mission.

My kids made 60 robots to pass out to their classmates at school.

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