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Project: Brown paper bag floors stained to look like stained concrete.

Costs: Less than $100 to do a normal sized dining room floor. (Seriously!)

Goal: To not have to rip up the floor after killing my back because it looked cheap and stupid.

Outcome: Freaking amazing!

Brown paper bags– you know the stuff. Your groceries were placed in them when we were kids during the pre reusable bags era. However, for this project I cheated and used a roll of brown paper that I purchased from Hobby Lobby– aka– my favorite place on earth and if only I had more time.












For the adhesive, I went to Home Depot and purchased wall paper glue. Then I watered it down a bit to make it less thick. 4:1 ratio glue: water. I just used mini wax stain that I picked up at HD as well. Lesson learned– let the glue dry over night as the sections that have had longer to dry will stain a different color than those sections that you did the same day. Be patient. I believe I used mocha on this project. I did not use the darkest stain– one step down– but it was brown without any red tones. I wanted more of a rustic look. Also, I used a rag and blotted to get the right color and texture. Well worth the work as it looked so much better blotted than painted or rolled on. As for the top coat– I used boring basic poly and just poured some out if the gallon can and rolled it on coat after coat. It was “fast drying” so I was able to get one coat on first thing in the am and then another right b4 heading off to bed. I did this for about 5 days (8-10 coats) because it’s a high traffic area and I really wanted to preserve the days of hard work. I used a high gloss because I like shiny– and I want to say the poly was made specifically for floors. The poly was by far the most expensive item for the project. Total time from pulling carpet to my first coat of Poly was 2 days– should have been 3 had I let the glue cure for a day. And 5 days of rolling on poly/- but this was easy– 10 minutes per application after the first one where I did hand brush around the edges first.

Update: Over a year later and the floor still looks amazing!! 5/14/2014!!


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